Alternative Fuels Services

The utilization of alternative fuels is becoming more prevalent throughout the nation. Fuel cost reduction measures are at the forefront of today’s decision makers. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) are emerging as two of the leading alternative fuel sources for both passenger and commercial vehicles.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) have also emerged in the consumer marketplace. Consumer interest and increased vehicle production options from most major automotive manufacturers are creating the demand to build new infrastructure and fueling stations at the local, regional and national levels.

Depending on our client’s needs, our experienced staff can provide clients with engineering services, construction service or complete design-build services necessary for the installation of CNG, LNG and EV alternative fuel stations.

Additionally, Oxford Engineering Company’s president, Julian T. Canuso, Jr., served as a member of the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicle Fueling Systems Committee. As a contributor, Mr. Canuso, along with the other ten members of the committee, developed the Recommended Practices for the Design, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Fueling Facilities. More information, including where to purchase this publication, can be found on PEI’s website.

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