Cost Effectiveness:

  • Natural gas is less expensive per gasoline/diesel gallon equivalent (GGE/DGE) than gasoline and diesel.
  • On average, natural gas is up to 50% less expensive than gasoline/diesel fuel.

Performance & Maintenance Advantages:

  • Natural gas gives roughly the same mileage as gasoline and diesel.
  • CNG-running engines perform greater than gasoline engines because of CNG’s octane rating of 130, compared to the 87-91 ratings that typical gasoline stations offer.
  • Because CNG is already in a gaseous state, Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) have superior starting and drivability, even under severe hot and cold weather conditions.
  • NGVs experience less knocking and no vapor locking.
  • Using CNG reduces standard vehicle wear-and-tear and extends periods between oil changes.

Safety Advantages:

  • The fuel storage tanks in NGV’s are safer than those in gasoline or diesel vehicles.
  • NGVs are safer than those powered by other fuels. An American Gas Association (AGA) survey of more than 8,000 vehicles found that with more than 278 million miles traveled, NGV injury rates per vehicle mile traveled were 34% lower than the rate for most vehicles.

Environmental Advantages:

  • Compressed natural gas is the cleanest burning fuel operating today.
  • CNG vehicles produce the fewest emissions of all vehicle fuel types.
  • Natural gas vehicles give off little or no emissions during fueling.


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